Kahvi Release 161: Esem – Scateren

The release really starts off strong and keeps on going. It’s so complex yet perfectly balanced between tracks and within.

When you follow the play order and just feel what is there, it’s perfect harmony. It’s really a great release and tough for the next artist to live up to.

Aatu / Ussn is such a marvelous track. It starts so simply but then moves you at an artists pace through feelings slowly building but never stopping. Being followed by legho seems strange at first, but is so marvelously done as well that it binds through difference by intricacy.

The softer, delecate feeling is carried straight through even in a sound of halo that is more pushing and terribly emotional, but is still delecate in a different way.

pt.1 and pt.2 are somewhat opposites of emotion with a similar feel to the song. they obviously go together but show variety at the same time.

microessen is so flowing and so deep that it cannot be taken a single time through. the beat (and at times, lack there of) keeps you in the song and so desperate to hear it all and feel all that there is.

the completely different feel of laid egg is a cool change that again highlights the versitility of the artist and the album.

the last track i swear is just to be mean. it seems to peacefully drift by for you only to realize that there isn’t more beyond this. it’s an excellent conclusion to an outstanding release. major kudos for esem

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