Stokes – Live at Sausalito

Since I have a lot of music I want to mention about Saul Stokes I figure that starting with the newest isn’t a bad place to begin.

Live at Sausalito is a 45 minute recording of Stokes as he does what he seems to do best: create a building a twisting blend of some traditional and not so traditional instruments. As a lot of Stokes work seems to for longer tracks, it starts slow and builds. Do not let the opening fool you. This is nothing that will make you bored if you like that blend of ambient and chill that Stokes is good at. The recording quality is absolutely perfect on the live set, and the sounds are purely Stokes.

As the set progresses, it rises and falls to various ambient levels to leave you craving more until Stokes brings you back to that sweet spot. The beautiful almost purely electronic set is complimented by flutes and pianos sprinkled in the perfect places.

Though Stokes does some that is more energetic, this is a pretty mellow piece. Those that are looking for chillout will need to keep looking. I wouldn’t let this turn you away from Stokes entirely. On his site you can find a stream to listen to some of his other work as well as check out The Road is Glowing on kahvi. This set is also available on Kahvi as well as his site. I would recommend it for any ambient lovers out there or at least to hear for those looking for something very very chilled.

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