Kahvi Release 162: URL – Berdz Track EP

The release as a whole is not bad, but nothing spactacular. It starts off with some interesting sounds that spark interest, but the first two tracks seem to not really have enough spark or uniqueness to make me notice them from anything else. They were not memorable to me at least.

the tune, the third track, really started to perk my interest. though it starts out more average, it progresses to make some very beautiful sounds that cannot be ignored. it draws you in and doesn’t let go. Of the release, I would have to say that this is my favorite. The differences that it shows towards the other tracks and bland tracks makes it so great for me.

the concluding track, “from my seed she has grown,” is another very good track. I wasn’t as interested in this track (possibly because of such a good response to the one immediately previous), but that is not to say it is bland or boring. it contains marvelous work and musical beauty that are ever so nice to enjoy. This definitely helps to make this smaller ep end on a good note.

overall, i say it’s good but not remarkable. the talent is obviously there and could be the start to a very good career of music, underground or mainstream.

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