Ok, let’s see if i can even remember exactly what these things are:
All files released under the Creative Commons Non-commercial Share-alike Liscense
(Basically, that means you can’t make money off of my work and you have to give it away under the same liscense if you use it. I would appreciate mention or a shout to quad341 at gmail dot com but it’s not required).

All files compressed. Quad’s World suggests using 7-Zip to decompress the files. (GPL’d).

Dreamhost List Ajax
Small script for fellow Dreamhosters that want to have AJAX support for people joining their lists. It uses 2 JavaScript files, 1 php file and requires you to modify whatever file you keep your list on. As of 2007-06-23, it is relatively untested so feel free to post any bugs you find so I can fix them.

Movie Database
This is something I made for my father to help him organize his life, but he never really used it. It’s a script that keeps track of movies, generes, allows searching, and is very quick and easy. No login or administration really. Simple and effective. Entire script is contained in one php file with only the install (for databases) in a separate file.

Photo Management
This one was made for a friend and never used (it’s quite common). The idea was to allow reletively simple administration and modification to the display while keeping the files basically together. The photos are uploaded to a directory (for direct linking and such) via the admin section. There then is one way to set the script to display thunbnails of the pictures and another to actually view the pictures. You can set whether you want the pictures to open in another (i)frame, a new window or the same window. Also supports ip-filtering for comments.

Mirror Project
This one was for a site that was complaining about bandwidth usage. It’s a system for doing file mirrors. Not only will the script handle file uploads, but it keeps track of bandwidth on the other mirrors so as to not exceed a previously established number. The script can sync to other servers by means of ftp or by using an included “post script” that sends the file via an http post request (still password protected). Post script can move uploaded files to another directory and email admin if desired, but that is for the mirror to decide.

F@H Image
As most people already know, Quaque Nox (QQNX) runs a Folding @ Home team (Number 36641) that is ranked quite well. We are always looking to show our score and encourage others to join us, so we developed F@H Image, a simple script that generates a PNG based on what team number and username is provided. It was originally developed by gnx of and was expanded on by quad341 of The end result is a very versitile and easy to use script. It defaults to gnx on team 36641, but you can have it access anyone by making a like like where you substitute your username in for Quad341 and your team number in for 36641. It also tries to find a png (set up for 400 x 50) of the teamnumber in that directory to use for the background or uses folding.png by default. Great in sigs for forums! If you would like to use the one hosted on but would like your own team’s background, email me at quad341 at gmail dot com (making an email out of that) with the image attached (400*50) and your team number mentioned in the message and i would be happy to host it for you OR you can download the script and host it yourself. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Liscense

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