Too many projects, too little time

Well… berrydev is not progressing the way I wanted it to… RIM is taking their sweet time to get back to me, so I’m waiting. In the mean time, i realize that i didn’t release my cookie handler script (recently updated) to my site. It probably is one of my more useful code bits as it can help you to have secured persistant logins to your site or just storing a username (like hotmail does). That means I gotta upload and write about it… later.

I also noticed that wordpress doesn’t have a search. This can be a problem for developer blogs (ie. mine) especially after it becomes long and filled with various scripts. Hell, i should keep each script on its own page all linked off of downloads… but i don’t want to keep all the zips and such so I think i’ll just post code and talk about it until someone encourages me to do otherwise.

On a final note, I am a music lover. I always have been. it makes it somewhat logical for me to use audioscrobbler then to keep track of what I listen to. it lets artists see how many people are listening as well as what else. I like it because i can get ideas for new bands by people with similar interests. Just for fun, here is one of the status pictures that they have premade. This one is my weekly top artists (i now remember that i fell asleep with godsmack on):

quad341's Weekly Artists Chart

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