Hey! I can’t think of a good title for this generic idea… so it’s just news. Here goes:

There’s this site,, that is setting up community portals and such. It’s kinda cool except that it is a hard core portal only. This means that there is very little static content. I would like to contribute tutorials and the like, but have no real place to put it. I’ll keep playing with it when i find time again. I am a guru of the PHP one. They give you this handy code to show it off: Portal Guru at

In more important news (to me at least), I found that The Mirror Formula by Xerxes was delaied to add another track that is apparently awesome. I can’t wait for my cds to come. If you have any interest in it, get yours now. Cardamar reported only 34 remaining of the 300 produced and it will not be reprinted.

The file server seems to be running well. Now just have to load it. I’m also looking to set up a relational database of the information including Xapian… but I have to figure out a good way to update from file lists to the database. I’m thinking of using a temp table to save already entered data and copy back the files that exist and enter those that don’t. The rest are deleted since the files no longer exist. I’ll have to hammer out the details later.

End note: I did order something from organic records. It was… psymeditations or something like that. Not sure. I’ll remember when it gets here. It’s a VA album, so I hope it to be good.

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