The Zimbio Addiction… and Gentoo Woes

This week has generally sucked. My light has come from the prospects I have seen in Zimbio. I really can say that I am impressed by how well that which has been implemented works. There’s a few bugs that arise, but this is to be expected. The feedback team is also really responsive, so I can only encourage you all to sign up for the beta. Testers are key!

I’ve even started to play with posting staic content to the site. It’s limited at the moment, but it’s not impossible. I’ve been submitting ideas as they come along so that Zimbio can really become what it has the potential to be. This week end, I plan to do more tutorial(s) and do some testing in mac os x and linux. I’ve also added a Zimbio category to make it easier to see all my posts about that system.

Speaking of Linux, I was so excited to hear about the gentoo linux installer… and have been somewhat let down. I’ve installed gentoo a few times and yet the damn thing still fails repeatedly. I’m pretty sure my problems are all coming from the fact that I’m using a virtual machine. I’ve got my testing box that isn’t doing anything that i’ll try to install it on. Also might start hammering out my indexing system for my fedora file server. It’s doing great.

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