Zimbio update, server talk, and Russ has a new site

So title’s are too hard to come up with. Big deal. Now you can tell what this is about a little faster…

Anyway, my little addiction (that I could only pray could become something like MySpace for popularity but not evilness) at Zimbio.com has been updated. It’s great. They added support to change your layout including adding custom “rolls” to the front page (you have to use it to understand. If you want to, you can sign up or contact me and I can provide). It really gives it a new edge. I find it to be a great improvement and shows how this is coming along. I am truly excited for it. Hopefully I can implement my Xapian set up into my file server and add some posts about it.

I don’t know if anyone remembers any of the times where I warned about downtime and changing servers and all that jazz, but just look them up so I don’t have to warn you again. This is more of a need than just a desire this time, though. The music mirror (which I’m more than happy to run) is taking up a bit much of my bandwidth to stay with the current set up. I loved Host Rocket when I had them last, so I think I’ll go with them. I’ll be more definitive when I figure it all out (but bandwidth will no longer be a consideration)

Oh and Russ has a new site. He calls it Adept Designs. He made a little web-badge (like) picture: Adept Designs Web Badge

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