Zimbio is Live!

It is true! Zimbio went live today. If you have not had a chance to experience this site, it is really something to behold. I expect it to become much more useful now that more people are using it. Just search for PHP to see the one that I run when I have time. Sign up, contribute, enjoy!

My internet has been crazy tonight, so I’m currently backing up my osCommerce installation, then I will export the database, then I will zip it all and upload and post. For now, it’s processing. I might be dead tired tomorrow (very long test), but I will do my best to have it uploaded for use.

I have canceled my ideas for making a searchable file database. I will release my code to make an index file (it’s horribly hacked together late at night when I just wanted something done, but maybe it is enough to answer someone’s question on how to put together an index…) in the next couple days. My next interest is going to have to do with the Zend Framework, Smarty, and a variety of other ideas. Stay tuned as more materializes there.

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