Music and Zimbio (nice combo!)

As you can probably tell, I have enough trouble keeping up one blog, so my time for Zimbio has been extremely limited. Ok, i’ll be honest: non-existant. This doesn’t mean the Zimbio team hasn’t been up to anything though. In fact, a great update just took place. In fact, there was a press release about all the new changes over at Yahoo! Finance. If you haven’t gotten a Zimbio addiction yet, now’s the time to find out about anything and everything. I think I might just start a portal about Chillout Music since… i kinda like it.

Speaking of music, I ordered a cd a while ago and never heard how it was doing. It was international peoples gang 0006 from em:t records. It just showed up tomorrow (a day after i complained i hadn’t heard anything ironically) and I have to say, it’s impressive. I saw the review on Mike G’s site (no, i don’t remember his site, but he does the lounge on the chillout channel on di every other monday). It brings unique chill and some ambiant together in a very nice package. I honestly must admit my love right off the bat. If i wasn’t trying to catch up on some sleep, I’d be sure to say more.

Oh and tomorrow is a free webinar from zend. don’t forget to sign up! (check your email if you’re on the newsletter)


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