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Well, I can’t say i’ve been idle, but I can’t say that you really can see what I’ve been doing either. I am working on a project, but unfortunately, I cannot reveal anything about it yet (if not until it is done). Because of this, I actually set up subversion on this server finally. It’s running quite well actually. This project can take advantage of the Zip package for PHP though. This isn’t standard in php5 < 5.2, so I updated PHP tonight. It seems to have gone over without a hitch. While it might be pushing it, I really would like to update Apache to Apache 2... but I'm really worried about hosing my web server if I do that. If suddenly the web server dies, that might be why. I was listening to some music from Spyra and was quite happy, but I would have to go back and listen again to really give an opinion. Nothing else for now.

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