Budha Building – Abstract

It was quite a while ago, but Budha Building released some of the nicest organic sounds in chillout/ambient form to kahvi. Through kahvi’s commercial branch, Budha Building released another album to Beatport called Abstract.

First and foremost: This album is not like any of the Budha Building tracks released through kahvi. In fact, this album is a dark tone of primarily Drum and Bass style. Now I occasionally listen to D&B, so that fact doesn’t naturally strike me as bad. I’ll be extremely honest that I didn’t expect it and missed Budha Building’s chilled organic sounds.

The cd starts off and will continue with a driving beat mixed with some rather unique sounds. If you have a nice subwoofer set up, it will enjoy the album as a whole. The first track really provoked my interst in the album possibly simply because of the excellent mixture of other pads. The sixth track starts by making you think that the chilled organic sounds are back, but in fact it only starts with some very organic sounds before becoming much more organic and darker. I would actually call this chillout since it is far less driving and a pleasent overall feel (though dark). The final track of the cd actually seems to go back to almost an ambient feel even. Nothing too organic about it though. The remaining 8 tracks have some fluxuation between chillout and D&B. It gives decent variety, but also is harder to get into because of the large differences at times. The entire album is dark and has a kind of foreboding feel to it, but I see this as a cool style to hold.

In the end, I don’t think the album can be called great for any style since it goes through so many. It is pretty nice, but you would have to be someone like me who enjoys the variety to enjoy the album all that much. I would advise previewing the album on Beatport before purchase.

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