Initial Set Up

I finished setting Word Press up to my satisfaction. It’s really a nice set up. I’m going to try to keep up a blog. Oh, this should be fun. It probably will be a developer’s blog in all reality, keeping track of my work on various things more than anything else. I’ll also try to get Angie to be more interested in something like this than Livejournal, but that’s minor.

Currently my files are very disorganized and I’m not really working on any projects except for trying to get into Source modding with Neo Shock. That will soon change to be much more involved. Well, I hope. A lack of broadband makes it more difficult.

Oh, if anyone is interested in making a better template, you can find the full documenation here or you can just make essentially a demonstration page that has the links set up and so fourth. Hell, if you just want to do images and css, I still would be happy to see what some people can produce (personally I don’t mind how it looks, but some people think big).