My Life for the Summer

Summer! The time to sleep in, do nothing and enjoy the entire time doing this. Well, that’s what some people are able to think. Not for me. Monday I get to start a job at Argonne National Labratory as something of a lab assistant. Not the most prestiegeous, but it makes more money and is a great improvement from White Hen.

I’m also finding pleasure in simpler things and enjoying any time I have. I am doing some work for PageDesk Incorperated, but because of my interests, I question how much I really will end up doing. It seems more to just cut down on my time.

I’m also working with 2 others in my household to get the remaining one to agree to allow me to pay for broadband. It’s quite annoying to not have if anyone can sympathize.

Final tidbits: got Zend Studio to work on php, signed up to eventaully take php cert test, gotta set up Titan for Angie, probably more but can’t remember. Now to define the grundy project…