Spammers, Please read. Rest, Just skip first paragraph

Again to spammers: I will allow you to have your own personal link as your website. Hell, you can even say something along the lines of “Nice site. Check out mine.” with or without ONE link to your site but not with an ad for it. If I continue to get a lot of these completely spam comments, I will implement capcha’s and cookies and enough to stop your god damn python scripts. Hell, I’ll just block all python scripts if you’re too dumb to even spoof a User-Agent header. You still need a real looking e-mail address (free accounts are fine) also. I’m not even verifying the e-mail accounts at this point in time. Don’t make me change that. If you want to be able to do more, contact me. E-mail quad341 (a-n-t-i-s-p-a-m) gmail (anti-spamm) com and we’ll set something up.

Now that i’ve gotten that out of the way, on to what is actually going on. I’ll know about the server in 4 days. I expect it to happen so i’ll probably have some downtime. It always happens.

The Imagine Cup has started. We shall see how that turns out, but I will probably be making posts about that starting on Monday. The registration wasn’t working right so I’m waiting for a response from Microsoft about that. Yes, a personal email from Microsoft. It should read something like

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your interest in the Imagine Cup. Please know that your concern is of the utmost importance to us.

In response to your question, “[INSERT MY EMAIL, WORD FOR WORD],” the administration has responded, “GENERIC RESPONSE.”

Thank you,
The Imagine Cup Administration.

We’ll see.

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