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Yesterday, the entire server was offline for a few hours for expected maintenance. Sorry for any inconvienance. It appears that the server upgrade will go on at the same time as this server is running so this site shouldn’t go down again until I go to transfer it.

The Microsoft people got back to me. They are going to work on the registration problem and get back to me some time during the week with when I can register. I felt pretty special receiving the email. Short version:

Dear Jim,

Thank you for contacting us with your question.

[Insert information about problem and project status]

Best Regards and Good Luck!

The Imagine Cup team

I took out the main part since I was wrong about that format but past that, I was pretty close. I spent yesterday setting up my laptop as Server 2003 Sp 1 (for the next 179 days, until the beta runs out) with MSSQL 2005 and C# and ASP Express editions of Visual Studio (all free! Yes, MSSQL is a trial, not the free express edition). I also want my lappy to still play music and do more normal things. Incase anyone else needs the reference, here’s a short list of things to enable and how:

3D Acceleration
  1. Open the display properties (right click on background or through control panel)
  2. Go to the troubleshooting tab
  3. Slide the hardware acceleration slider all the way to the right
  1. Open Sound Properties (from the control panel)
  2. Flip the checkbox to start the sound service
  3. Hit OK and reboot

I’m going to hopefully figure out my team within the next couple days and then we can decide on the project. Then comes mapping it out and setting up a loose schedule. Then coding and then testing. Let the games begin!

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