Short Update

Again, not feeling great, but that is to be expected out of my body. I’m programming about 7 hours per day if not more so my public code will only really change on the weekends when i feel up to it.

On the music front, Cardamar has put together a new mix. It’s another really nice one. Personally (at least today), I prefer Globespinning (which was his last mix), but his latest mix, Colours Come And Go is still wonderful. It has a greater spectrum and gets dark like Cardamar does best. Honestly, i’m not into the dark and slow yet intense feeling today (massive headache), so the lighter feel of globespinning is what makes it my favorite today. Do not miss this new one though. It’s quite nice. It’s on the music mirror with md5 hash if you want to download. Cardamar will probably release the tracklist in the next couple days (when he gets the time).

Hopefully tomorrow I can post about 2 classic cds i got this week. Classic is such a weak term for one though. Just amazing.


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