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I feel bad. I haven’t been able to get any new cds recently to review and really haven’t had the time to do much work on my dev project. All I can ask is you bear with me for a couple more weeks. Cardamar is taking preorders for his next cd, Where the Skies End, up until April 30. On the release page (linked in the last sentence), you can hear a 6 track preview to whet your appitite.

In other music related news, iTunes is going to start distributing its music without DRM. This will only be for EMI stuff, but that’s definitely awesome. Per track it’s USD 0.30 more, but the same for full albums1. Also, Beat Port now sells wav’s (uncompressed pure quality) versions of music (for a premium) also. Very cool advancement. In both cases, the original versions are also available.

I need to get more time and music… working on both. Til later

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