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Besides just being a little lazy, I have had a few reasons for neglecting the site. Being on vacation recently is one of the larger ones, but generally it doesn’t matter. In disgust with how non-productive i’ve been, i’m going to start working on random stuff and little projects. Before I do that though, i’m going to try to get my Vim to be set up the way I like my editors.

For quite a while, i have struggled to find the perfect editor. I heard people praise various editors, but I have a big problem: I’m very multiplatformed. I run Ubuntu linux, windows xp, and windows vista on my main desktop and Mac OS X on my laptop. I like things to stay similar between them all so I can be consistent. My editor is one of the big things. This made something like TextMate hard to even look at. It’s supposed to be a great reasonably priced (40 euros) text editor for mac and mac only. Vim runs on pretty much everything. The problem is, I like to be able to see directory layouts, nice open buffer displays and a few other things that Vim isn’t nice for out of the box. I can live without them, but it’s not nearly as nice as I would like. Lucky for me, Alex Young wrote up instructions on how to enable the textmate like features in vim. I am excited and will be trying this as soon as I’m done here.

The end result is a cross platform, comfortable text editor for my coding needs. I would encourage you to look into it if you are looking for a cross platform solution or just want a really nice text editor. You will probably want a customized vimrc for everything you do as well. I’ll post mine after I get all this set up in it. It’s rather crazy (and mostly written by one of my friends, Saleem Abdulrasool).

UPDATE: Success! All the plugins are awesome and work exactly as they should. I uploaded my current vimrc. *nix wants it to be named .vimrc in your home directory and windows looks for _vimrc (i think) in the vim directory. If that doesn’t work (i’m more skeptical about windows; i haven’t used vim in windows for a while), check the vim documentation. View my vimrc at http://quad341.com/projects/vim.rc

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